July 2017

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Navigation is vital in designing your website. It might seem insignificant, but it determines how effective and efficient your site is. A study has indicated that 50 percent of the potential sales get lost since the customers cannot get the information they are looking for. That is losing a lot of revenue, and it will affect your business negatively. So when designing your website, it is vital to ensure that the users find it easy to use and get the necessary information fast. Below are some of the navigation mistakes you should avoid during web design; Mistake 1 - Non-Standard Menu Style Creativity and innovation are

When you decide to open a website to showcase your products, then top of the list on the things to consider are functionality and search engine optimization. Customers don’t like searching through the haystack to find your website and once they are inside, locating the helpful information in a few clicks makes your website rate high. All these start at the point when you are designing a website, so you need to go through the algorithm and interface of your website to makes sure these 6 mistakes are not responsible for the poor performance of your website. 1. Excluding the H1 Tags, more so on the