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Keyword research is a mandatory process when it comes to the actualization of goals in online ventures such as setting up a website, ecommerce sales channel like Amazon or  a YouTube channel. If you are here today, you understand the critical role that keywords play. On the one hand, you are willing to do everything possible to succeed online, and on the other hand, you are keen on keeping your expenses to the bare minimum through SEO and PPC ads management. If that’s your current situation, stay put to discover free, yet productive keyword research techniques. Google search When you type something in Google search, it

The internet has become cluttered with information. No matter what you search for, you're likely to be bombarded with tons of sites, blogs and videos related (or not) with the keyword you typed in Google search. With all this excess of information, good and functional website design is a must. However, many developers have been trying too hard to eye-ball users and have been leaving a lot of internet surfers annoyed in the process. If you're a developer, read on. I'm going to give you the 5 web design turn-offs to avoid. 1. Autoplay videos, images or gifs While that may have looked cool back